We’re heading to DREAMFORCE 18, see you there!

We're heading to DREAMFORCE 18 in San Francisco, we hope to see you there! MEET our Co-Founders, Kris Moyse and Matt Lacey, alongside CEO Cathy McCabe. Checkout is so much more than a transactional…

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Are you looking to deliver consistently exceptional experiences?

CRM has given us the ability to keep track of every customer interaction. By understanding our customers more intimately we can provide them with a better experience. Not just a better experience…

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Taking the time to be inspired makes more business sense than you think

In the fashion industry we think a lot about the future. The future of fashion, the store of the future, what part will technology play in the future of customer experience, and so on. Running in…

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London Tech Week – where creativity, talent and innovation come together

With London Tech Week starting today we ask, what does it take to be a leading technology company? Being at the forefront of innovation requires a company to respect, embrace and develop all elements…

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Is there a role for tradition in the store of the future?

The traditional fashion business model has seen fundamental changes over the past decade, because of the digital revolution. It is now, more than ever before, convenient and easier to shop anytime,…

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Christina Abbott at RBTE

Developing a relationship with a customer goes way beyond making the sale

As we reflect on our experience at Europe’s leading technology event for the retail industry, RBTE, we came away feeling more than ever that in a super tech enabled, hyper connected world we need to…

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We’re popping up at RBTE

Come and visit us at the Proximity Insight Pop Up at RBTE 2018. What’s in store for you? We have some amazing prizes and experiences to be won, and a few special visitors popping by - Day 1 – Ask our…

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Thank You

Always a retailer at heart…why physical retail is here to stay.

Having had some time to reflect on the the themes of various events I have attended in the first quarter of this year I thought I would like to focus on why I feel that physical retail is here to…

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proximity insight customer hub header

Cathy Interviewed On Empowering Your Sales Assistants

Cate Trotter of Insider Trends, recently interviewed our CEO, Cathy McCabe. In the interview they discussed how our Shop Floor Engagement platform is being used by our customers to democratize the…

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