cartier mansion

Cartier Mansion

Proximity Insight is about to launch at the long-awaited grand re-opening of the flagship Cartier Mansion on 5th Avenue, following redevelopment which commenced in 2014. The redevelopment facilitated this year's most advanced roll-out of brick-and-mortar retail technology, as well as producing the most epic party of NYFW SS17 (cc Sienna Miller, Rooney Mara, Katie Holmes, Lewis Hamilton, Uma Thurman, Ellie Goulding).


We utilise an interactive map, with location-based discovery, to create an immersive experience for staff as they learn about the brand and products. For Cartier we've tailored our platform to include directory-style lookup for products and content, location-content aggregated from social channels, and intuitive layout including a magazine view. Our objective with is to deliver information by engaging users to increase retention, something that is imperative for a retail space the size of Cartier Mansion. The experience is fun and fluid - something suited to not only staff, but also customers.


You can read more about the mansion project here:
The Cartier Mansion, Earth's Fanciest Store, Just Got Even Fancier | GQ
Renovation Restores the Luster to Cartier Flagship | New York Times


iPad Email

Check out our new retail clienteling video

Proximity Insight takes the flood of corporate data and puts it into the hands of those on the ground in an intelligent, easily understandable, and instantly actionable way. From our mobile clienteling platform:

1) retail sales associates can manage all client contact through email, text, and social media, see all client interactions with brand across every channel, and review sales goals;
2) managers can assign tasks to associates, see how each associate is performing, and see how their store is performing;
3) Corporate can communicate information on new products and press, review store performance, and see the customer journey and sales attribution from micro to macro.


The Customer Service Revolution

Shopping is now a 24/7 experience. Digitally savvy customers are able to research, compare products and prices, and read reviews before making a purchase decision. They are becoming more vocal and share their brand experiences—good or bad—with their social network. Most brands struggle today to deliver a positive experience from sale through service and 89% of customers are leaving brands due to a bad customer experience.

It is no surprise that companies who invest in a 'customer-centric' strategy are seeing amazing results in their overall business KPI's. The best brands in the world provide their customers with a memorable experience...that experience creates an emotional connection which will stay with the customer for life. McKinsey & Company provided some research in 2013 to support this theory.


Fast forward towards the end of 2015 and these statistics above are even more convincing. Organisations are no longer just focused on the 'Increase in ROI' they are now also conscious of two other metrics; 'Customer Satisfaction' and the 'Willingness to Recommend.' The close link between service and marketing is now apparent. A well armed marketing team should help set up every department around them to know the customer more intimately. The key is then being able to serve the customer information in a friendly and actionable manner. Welcome customer clienteling.


Customer Clienteling: Serve Your Customers Better!

Retailers today need to empower their employees with information that allows them to have a helpful and meaningful conversation with clients. Innovators are recognising that the retail industry needs tools that truly fit the way consumers shop and how sales people sell. Retailers and consumers have embraced these reimagined tools, and these companies are seeing great success. According to PWC the following clienteling tools enable:

  1. Connected Customers: Armed with a dynamic customer profile, sales and service associates can now make informed, personalized cross-sell and up-sell recommendations to customers at the point of sale. The payoff? Higher sales per customer and improved customer loyalty.
  2. Connected Stores: The solution helps retailers create seamless, consistent interactions and experiences across multiple channels—including online, in-store, on mobile devices and via social media. The result is improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Connected Employees: Better-connected employees—those who collaborate more effectively, share success stories, and contribute first-hand product knowledge—help improve their own performance as well as that of their peers. For the enterprise, this means greater operational effectiveness.
  4. Connected Products: The solution can help deliver real-time insight into customer preferences, buying habits, product reviews and product availability. Armed with that data, enterprises can make better, informed decisions, scale more easily and increase their returns on investment.

Customer Journeys: Bring together the physical & the digital

Customer clienteling has been around for a few years now, particularly in the retail and financial space. However utilising the Salesforce platform, customer clienteling solutions can now trigger real-time journeys straight from the Marketing Cloud whilst the customer is in store or just left.

Imagine you are an existing customer and visiting a Country Road store. You are browsing their summer range when you get approached by Samantha one of their friendly customer service staff. Samantha has an iPad in her hand and with the quick scan of your loyalty card or by utilising iBeacon technology can access your customer record. Samantha now has access to your:

  1. Customer Profile Information
  2. Style Recommendations
  3. Wish List Items
  4. Online Browsing Behavior
  5. Purchase History Details
  6. Loyalty Status and Special Offers

Some customers might be frightened by companies having access to this amount of data but the objective is purely to provide a more personalized shopping experience. Samantha now becomes your own personal stylist and the same unique experience you get online can now also happen in store. Samantha also now has the ability to send you communications from within the store during your shop. For example items you have recently tried on, items that customers similar to you have purchased, trending items online, the products you have put on lay-by or more importantly send a personalised message from Samantha herself after the shop. The insights can power Samantha's conversation and level of service, however provide the relevancy to enhance your shopping experience. See the example below:


The lines between the physical and the digital are slowing becoming blurred. We can now push the boundaries of CRM, digital marketing, and the in-store experiences.

If you would like to hear more about these leading solutions, I recommend you reach out to the thought leaders and innovators in this space Proximity Insight.

You wont be disappointed!

Customer service is not a department's everyone's job!Read more


Why Method Acting is a beacon’s best friend

During my long and un-illustrious acting career in the 1990s, I had the pleasure of studying under the legendary Australian actress Bunney Brooke.

To prepare for an improvised acting piece, she would sit right up next to you, the aura of her last cigarette invading your space and speak right into your ear. Her voice soft, yet deep, and potent.

With eyes closed, she would build the character she wanted you to emerge as in incredible detail. What clothes you were wearing, what your last conversation was and with whom, what was in your fridge, what smells were in the house, what you thought about the Prime Minister.

She stripped me away to a shell and was now putting flesh onto my bones.

I remember being fascinated by this because up until that point I had adopted the more facile practice of acting that included two words, “play” and “pretend.”

Emotional depth is crucial for believability and thus audience engagement.

When I then became a conceptual creative in the advertising business, I quickly realized how my brief foray into method acting could play superbly into my craft.

To feel the pulse of our audience in a deeper, more emotional way, a technique that I have termed Method Concepting is extremely effective.

In the following example, let’s say I want my audience to take notice of a TV commercial. Channeling Ms. Brooke, I will ask my teams to close their eyes and empty their mind. Onto that blank canvas, I begin to help them build out this person in incredible detail. Where are they sitting? What kind of seat? What kind of TV do they have? What are they watching? What’s next to them? What’s on that table? What have they just eaten for lunch? What’s the last thing that made them smile? Angry? What’s that smell? The questions go on and on, and often take you on a tour of their entire home.

The beauty of this method is that everyone in that room visualizes slightly different variations of the target. This fertilizes the creative output.

Only when you’re truly, madly and deeply in the mindset of the target, can you really create something you know will get their attention. That itches their scratch. That won’t piss them off. That will seduce them into your message. That will spur them into action.

When we consider creativity around iBeacons, Method Concepting soars even higher. Because while we’re building the emotional truths inside a participant, we’re also examining their behavioral drivers at that moment. Your mindset is very different walking into Bergdorf Goodman than it is walking into a gym.

We’re not just understanding our audience on a deeper level, we’re becoming them, like an actor does, without having to emerge from the exercise and physically manifest the character. (If you’d seen me act, that’s a very good thing.)

This inspires us to create experiences in retail that are unforgettable, effective and additive to every participant, the world over, in any retail environment.

Sam Saunders, Head of Creative for Proximity insight, shown above playing the barman in the hugely popular Australian soap opera All Saints. He is a speaker at the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity where he will reveal Method Concepting to the world’s creative community.


iBeacon Technology In Use: The WWI: Love & Sorrow Exhibition by Museum Victoria

At Proximity Insight we like to keep abreast of what people are doing with iBeacon technology in all industries and areas, and recently I was invited by Wendy Pryor to visit Melbourne Museum and see first hand how they are using beacons in their exhibit, "WWI: Love and Sorrow".

The exhibition is about a small group of individuals, and tells their stories, through enduring one of the darkest episodes in human history and the remainder of their lives afterwards.

I was met at the museum by both Wendy and one of her colleagues, Jonny Brownbill, and I must express my heartfelt gratitude to them for their hospitality. Jonny handed me an iPod belonging to the museum with the exhibition app already installed, though if you bring your own iOS or Android device in the near future you will be able to download the app to that (rather smartly, content for the app is pulled from a local server on the WiFi network).

Visitors attending the museum are pointed to the exhibition by a period ambulance located next to the entrance, which just so happens to be the first of a series of objects containing a beacon, allowing it to be collected treasure-hunt style, in the app.

Once guests reach the entry to the exhibition itself they're prompted to choose a character whose story they will follow.


The Experience

As you walk through the exhibition, you're invited to watch out for icons on the walls corresponding to your chosen person. These correspond to nearby beacons, and as you move through these areas details of the story you're exploring are revealed in chronological order. These details take a number of forms, from extra textual information and summaries of the progress of the war, to audiovisual content related specifically to the person you chose. For instance, while looking in a display case of artifacts which included a hand-written diary, the app revealed several passages from within it, transcribed for ease of reading, but also narrated by a relative of the deceased author.

Upon reaching the end of the trail, there are several monitors on the wall: placing your device on the red poppy logo below a monitor results in a final video for the story you've followed.


One of the key features of the technology use in WWI: Love and Sorrow is that it doesn't dominate proceedings, it is there as a supplement to the more traditional aspects of the setup and it does genuinely enhance the experience. A prime example of this is at a point halfway through the procession, when entering the range of a particular beacon actually locks down the app, which simply displays a message telling you to look around you and not at the device. In a world where people are increasingly absorbed by glowing screens in their hands this was a very refreshing scenario to witness.

WWI: Love and Sorrow most definitely stands as an exhibition on it's own merit, but to my mind the team responsible at the museum have successfully leveraged iBeacon technology to take it to the next level. If you're in retail and wondering how you can leverage these ideas and lessons then consider this: it's all about customer delight, and using new and novel technology in such a way as to improve the customer experience without overshadowing the real-world interactions that can, and should, take place.

You can read more about the exhibition at the Love and Sorrow website, and if you want to learn more about the details of the exhibition design and corresponding app then you should look no further than the paper Storyteller - World War One: Love and Sorrow: A hybrid exhibition mobile experience by Jonny Brownbill and Timothy Hart of Museum Victoria.

golden gate bridge san francisco

World's Largest Conference on Beacon Technology

Proximity Insight; Bringing intelligence to life for Luxury Retail.

Proximity Insight will host a panel discussion detailing why iBeacons and CRM are such a powerful combination. Development Partner Somo, the world’s largest independent mobile solutions company, will discuss why mobile is at the heart of the customer journey, and broach the ever evolving opportunities created by phones, tablets, wearables, nearables, connected homes, and cars. App Partner Novastone will talk about the partnership with Proximity Insight to deploy a luxury retail iBeacon strategy. A demonstration of dynamic clienteling through iBeacons will be included.


woman cliff water

Dreamforce '14

Preview the world’s most revolutionary iBeacon retail experience at Dreamforce and learn how you can:

*Turn retail staff into mind-readers using Salesforce and iBeacons
*Inexpensively customise every retail interaction using Salesforce data
*Build a true omni-channel VIP customer solution
*Close the data loop on customer behavior

Over 50% of the top 100 retailers in the U.S. are testing iBeacons and full scale implementations grow by the day.

Proximity Insight in the Retail Zone

See the premier product combining true CRM with iBeacon technology

Retail Zone Partner Portal R6
Reserve an appointment or drop in at our portal in the Retail Zone for a personal product demonstration. We’ll be showcasing iBeacon App integrations with our retail partners. See what comes “out of the box” and preview our Salesforce1 iBeacon Reporting Package.

Look out for the Proximity Insight team:

Steve Orell – Co-Founder
Craig Crawford – Head of Retail Strategy
Paige Gamble – Brand Owner and Designer
Retail Zone Spotlight Session
Craig Crawford will provide insights on how to drive engagement between the business, IT and the customer. We’ll explore a use case for driving customer engagement through iBeacons with partners Petits Bisous and novastone, and we’ll demonstrate Proximity Insight: the first iBeacon product on the AppExchange, including dynamic clienteling and dynamic digital signage interaction.Moscone South, Retail Industry Showcase

Monday 13 October, 6:00pm-6:30pm
Tuesday 14 October, 2:00pm-2:30pm

Featured In The Wearables Keynote Presentation
Wearables are a huge part of the proximityinsight strategy. Come to the Wearables Keynote presentation to see us demonstrate micro-clienteling – something that is sure to play a huge role in how brands interact with the customer of tomorrow.

Hilton Grand Ballroom B

Monday 13 October, 12:00pm-12:40pm

Proximity Insight in the #DevZone
Find Kris Moyse and Matt Lacey and the Proximity Insight booth in the IoT #DevZone to learn about how you can leverage our tools and expertise to add iBeacon technology into your applications. See examples of how we’ve integrated wearables, iBeacon tehcnology, mobile apps and Salesforce1 to build the Proximity Insight clientelling solution.

IoT Devzone, Moscone West

Need more information?
Visit or email to get in touch, arrange a personal demonstration, and get more information on our showcased Apps.

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How iBeacons Can Turn Your In-Store Staff into Mind-Readers

Steve Orell from Proximity Insight has written an article for the Salesforce Blog (also featured on Forbes) about how data captured in Salesforce is revolutionizing the iBeacon experience.


Proximity Insight Wear

Proximity Insight is excited to offer Android Wear notifications for staff on the run.

Behind all truly luxurious experiences are millions of tiny touch points that the recipient doesn't even know exist; now that you can deliver contextual information to wearables through our Proximity Platform, you have an opportunity to unlock a whole new realm of meaningful interactions.

When a VIP customer gets near to a iBeacon (like indoor GPS), a message is sent to Salesforce allowing a whole new level of customer interaction in a physical space by leveraging the Proximity Insight platform.

Imagine Kris is a high roller and spends 4 weekends/yr on property. He walks up to the BlackJack table to start playing shorty after checking in. Pit Boss as well as VIP concierge gets a notification on their Android Wear watches with Kris's picture and a note where he is and pertinent profile information.

Sport Conf

Proximity Insight @ #SportConf

Craig Crawford and Steve Orell from Proximity Insight were part of the prestigious line-up of speakers at #SportsConf: Beacon this week.

#SportsConf beacon is a half-day virtual conference that united sports professionals and brands, educating them on iBeacon, proximity, and micro-location technology. It is the first event to address the unique opportunities and challenges that this game-changing technology presents.

Craig and Steve presented The future of Connected Retail: building 1-1 relationships to create lifetime customer value. The presentation included a case study detailing how Burberry established themselves as the market leader in brick-and-mortar connected technology. They then discussed current connected retail trends and plans for the future, with a focus on how Proximity Insight's technology creates deeper brand relationships by integrating CRM with the iBeacon experience before wrapping up with an open Q&A session with the audience.

Proximity Insight's use of CRM in the beacon space to create real dialogue with customers was a standout amongst the innovative use cases presented.