drapers digital awards 2016 finalist

We’re Nominated for two prestigious Drapers Digital Awards

Nominated for Best Customer Experience and Best Startup Proximity Insight and Jaeger have embarked upon a journey to completely transform the way in which staff engage with our customers and each…

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Hong Kong

Pilot retail application looks set to renew region’s brick and mortar

By Jason Lawrence Originally Published on the SalesFix Blog   The first Salesforce Retail Clienteling application in Asia Pacific has arrived. Recently launched, this brand new application looks…

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The Customer Service Revolution

Shopping is now a 24/7 experience. Digitally savvy customers are able to research, compare products and prices, and read reviews before making a purchase decision. They are becoming more vocal and…

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How Belief and Disbelief (Nearly) Destroyed Retail

I remember when e-tailing, as they used to call it, appeared on the world wide web. It was around the same time that banner ads discovered a purpose, a call to action. Buy! Buy! They would scream at…

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Digital First: Baby, I Was Born This Way

By Craig Crawford First Published by AATCC News   Just the other day, I asked my intern for a photograph of herself as a child for a presentation I was preparing for Jaeger. As a millennial, she…

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Why Method Acting is a beacon’s best friend

During my long and un-illustrious acting career in the 1990s, I had the pleasure of studying under the legendary Australian actress Bunney Brooke. To prepare for an improvised acting piece, she would…

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Lightning Process Builder feature

Using Process Builder to create Customer Journeys

Retailers building a central view of their customers from both brick-and-mortar and online channels understand that there are many challenges. Integrating and cleansing multiple best-of-breed systems…

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iBeacon Technology In Use: The WWI: Love & Sorrow Exhibition by Museum Victoria

At Proximity Insight we like to keep abreast of what people are doing with iBeacon technology in all industries and areas, and recently I was invited by Wendy Pryor to visit Melbourne Museum and see…

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Mobilization of in-store staff: Retail Highs and Lows

Each Christmas, retailers unintentionally pit shoppers against each other in a grueling competition. How quickly can we shop and exit before becoming overwhelmed by the sickly slivers of mall…

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